Since antiquity it has been recognized that there is an energy associated with each and every being. However, until recently there has been little validation in the scientific community regarding the energy system of the living body.

Animal Energy Balancing is intended as a complimentary therapy and should not replace veterinarian care. Although Energy Balancing has many benefits for an animal being treated, it is important to understand that is has limitations.

Energy balancing is a gentle process and does not rely on force of movement of any physical structure.

The proper tap is surprisingly light, yet it sends a tingling wave of vibration which dissipates blocked energy without danger or significant physical force.

There are several energy systems within each living body, both animal and human, each of which has its own Energy Field. Examples of these systems are skeletal, muscular and circulatory systems.

When all of these systems are healthy, the overall Energy Field of an animal or human is in balance. An imbalance generally occurs when something happens to one or more of these systems.

An imbalance may be too little or too much energy reaching the system or a complete voice of energy called an energy block.

Balancing the Energy Field can help the system regain its strength and return to a healthy state.

When the energy is not balanced it can be felt through the hands while scanning an animal or person and corrected during the treatment session.

Energy Balancing can have many benefits for both animals and humans. For example, it can help relieve pain, allow an animal to move more freely and help the animal feel more comfortable.

In many cases it will improve an animals attitude.

Other benefits are decreasing in swelling and faster healing of injuries.

Generally speaking, the animal will show the effects of energy healing in subtle ways.

A condition the animal has had for a long time will often improve slowly with treatment.