My goal is to have each client take away something meaningful from our sessions. Below some testimonials from a number of my clients, who's life I touched and made a difference.

I’ve had several readings over the years, but none quiet like the one I received from Marianne.

My first experience with her was a 15 minute transatlantic phone call. She told me a whole bunch of things in great detail that I didn’t want to hear, and hoped wasn’t true. I took her words with a pinch of salt and continued about my life. However over the following 3 months, all her words started to ring true and all the things she said were happening around me suddenly became apparent.

It was quiet a shock, but the impact wasn’t as hard since her warnings had been niggling quietly in the back of my head since our first chat.

I decide to arrange a 1 hour session to continue our conversation and see what else was in store for me. This time I was much more open to hearing what she had to say, and I was left absolutely mind blown.

Her accuracy of descriptions of people physically and emotionally are spot on. Almost as if she had met the people I was questioning about.

She confirmed so much truth and gave me big hints on where my future lies.

I came to Marianne confused and tired of life. She left me feeling lifted and positive, and truly excited about the next chapter of my life.

Thanks Marianne for accommodating my reading from the other side of the world, and for sharing your special gift. I highly recommend your services to anyone at a cross roads or just looking for some guidance.

I had the pleasure of connecting with Marianne Frank last week for an energy session called Access Bars. As always, Marianne is accommodating bringing her practice into the comfort of my home. Her personality is addictive, where you easily engage in the most interesting stories she tells. Besides her beautiful character, she carries out some pretty amazing work. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the energy session, however Marianne reassured me to trust her. Which I do wholeheartedly.

I can’t say had I noted a transformation immediately on how I was feeling; however reflecting this past week, I have noticed a difference in how I am dealing with challenges and ability to deal with stressful situations. Having Marianne and her energy work has honestly made me a better person. And for that, I am truly grateful.

I just wanted to thank Marianne for sharing the use of her amazing gift of insight. I knew intuitive readings existed but hadn’t ever experienced one firsthand, and of course I was initially skeptical. The bottom line is she has proved on more than one occasion her gift is genuine, there are details about specific things she would not be able to know any other way. She is not the ‘gypsy with a crystal ball’ type, she is a normal, friendly average person with a practical approach to helping others understand some of life’s great mysteries. You’ll find her visits interesting, inspiring, entertaining and even helpful. For a person with an open mind, or even someone who wonders if they have an open mind, go have a visit, you won’t be disappointed.
My reading with Marianne provided confirmation, insight and encouragement. I was surprised and pleased at some of the details she was able to pick up on. I trust her to be a voice for my angels/spirit and appreciate her confident, straightforward approach in delivering those messages. Marianne also brings a sense of humor and genuine desire to help her clients. After the reading I felt reassured and relaxed.
Allyson Giles, Kelowna, BC
My husband and I had an amazing experience with our house clearing that Marianne had done. My husband had wanted to see what Marianne could do to help us because he was experiencing things that he could not quite explain. We didn’t know what to think at first, what the house clearing was going to bring about, but when Marianne started smudging things just seemed more clear. I was surprised at what she was seeing and what she was being told by the spirits in our house. Two of those five spirits which I somewhat knew of from my ex boyfriend were hanging around and visiting our two boys, and one of them had apologized- telling Marianne he didn’t mean to scare me…..
The thing is Marianne would never have known about these spirits before hand(from my past), she even knew their last names( and I know we had not told her anything). It was crazy amazing because I never have put their names on facebook or talked about those people in general to anyone in the last 15 or 16 years. The entire time Marianne was in our house, we had followed her and we stood silent. The next few nights after the house clearing, my husband and I had felt peaceful, relaxed and more at ease. It was like we felt more love that spirits were looking after our family.
Marcie Popescue, Cochrane, AB
I was very blessed to have connected with Marianne Frank through a friend of mine. Anyone who wants to connect with a loved one that has passed, I highly recommend Marianne. My reading was dead on. The description and character of each family member she spoke of was just like as if I was having a conversation like we use to. Her reading definitely validated some of my own thoughts of the connection that we have with all our loved ones and those that had played a part in our lives. We are always connected and that there is no separation between the past, present or future. I look forward in having another reading with Marianne in the near future. Again “Thank you” Marianne for being the channel of such an amazing gift you have to offer for everyone. Many blessing.
Rose Buckley, Vancouver, BC
Thank you so much for the lovely mediumship reading that you did for me. Connecting with my loved ones who have passed was a pleasure and a joy. The synchronicities that have opened with relatives that remain on this side have been magical since my reading. Thank you again,
OMG…I won one of Marianne Frank‘s powerful Valentine’s Day readings and it was absolutely fabulous. I clicked on Skype with an open mind and was so moved by her happy energy and her insightful connections with my peeps that came through. No shock here – but LOTS of dogs hanging on the Other Side had a lot to say. Felt like we were chatting on the phone with the dogs – hahaha. THANK YOU!
I worked already several times with Marianne. I met Marianne over Facebook where she runs her page Mystical Voyage. We started with an wonderful oracle-card reading. It was very fascinating all the information she read for me. Even though we did the session over skype and she didn’t know me. This really amazed me so I continued to work Marianne. Her ability to see things and connect with ancestors really amazes me. My view of seeing things or situations changed a lot. Since I work with Marianne I consider my ancestors as a massive power supporting me, whereat before I never have thought about them as a ressource. Even though sometimes I struggle a little with their “support”. Allowing and considering this kind of work for myself – which supported me a lot – is because of Marianne. She is a gifted person. I can recommend Marianne deep from my heart.
I cannot thank you enough for the reading you gave me last week. I am still processing all that wonderful information and shared it all with James. He was thrilled I was able to receive a sense of acceptance from Roland of our relationship and it has been the springboard for some great conversation! I wanted to introduce you to my friend Lara Larson, also a psychologist, who is interested in a reading. I thought you two could converse and take it from there. I’ve already shared my feedback with Lara about my reading and she is excited to speak with you, Marianne!  I look forward to my next reading and by the way don’t forget to like FlirtChamp ™ on Facebook. We are almost ready to launch!!!  Blessings and Aloha.
This is a testament to what I believe was the touch of an angel ….
About three months ago I was hit with severe migraine headaches ! After several repeated occurrences over a very short period of time I went into the hospital to get some sort of an explanation as to what was happening. My whole life I had been healthy and never experienced anything of this nature before . After a series of test and blood work and a CT scan they discovered that I had a small growth on the frontal lobe of my brain ! Shocked I didn’t know what to do … I was told that they were going to do a needle biopsy to test wether the growth was cancerous ! They wanted to run a few more test before the procedure and I was sort of put on ice soda speak . When I told Marianne of the situation I was in she was instantly pained by it and wanted to see if she could help . She offered to do a spiritual healing on me and I was quite willing to accept any help I could get ! I went to her and having never before experienced anything like it before and didn’t know what was going to happen she laid me down on her what I will call magic bed made me very comfortable and starting doing what ever it is that she does …. There I laid there in and out of consciousness as she work her healing touch . The session lasted about an hour …. But to me it felt like a lifetime ! I don’t know what she did that day but a week later I went back for a second CT scan and there was no sign of any growths in my brain . The doctor told me that she really didn’t know what had happened but none the less it was gone ! I can’t say for sure what happened but I believe that Marianne has a healing touch !! And if you get to know her you will see that she is an angel sent down from heaven with the kindest of hearts and the warmest of hearts ….. With a healing touch that even my doctor couldn’t describe 🙂  
 I ‘met’ Marianne just over a year ago just after my sister was violently and shockingly killed by a rogue driver here in Durban, South Africa.  You can imagine how devastating it is to lose someone so suddenly without a chance to say goodbye to them or tell them how much they mean to you, it is hard to describe the feelings you experience after that.  Just after her funeral I was given a gift by my other sister who lives in Australia, she arranged a reading via Skype with Mareiann and it was a blessing to a shattered soul.
Through our reading I got a sense of peace about how my sister was feeling and most importantly Mareiann was able to alleviate some of my concerns about her last minutes.  I got a sense that I should not worry about her, she was at peace.  I wish to could remember all of it now as I was in a state of shock when we connected, but what I hold close to me are some of the message that came through and that Janet would always be close to us.  Since then I have had signs from her, signs I would have missed had it not been for my reading with Marianne.
I was also able through Marianne to connect to my father and the message that he sent blew my mind – since then I have been able to think of him with a peaceful heart.  I guess the thread here is peace, when your heart is broken and you live with memories about people that are not peaceful, it is a blessing to finally get that peace of mind.  Mareiann was instrumental in helping that happen.  Since our reading I have benefited from this sense of peace, in fact it has permeated through all aspects in my life. 
Wow! That was a super clarifying reading. You picked up on things that confirmed how genuine your reading was. It all made sense. Happy I could ask my dad some questions, because I miss him dearly. He dies way too young. I am also glad to know better what direction my focus needs to go. It’s a relief to know, as I worry too much usually. Time to let go of fear and trust again! I have been there, but slipped back over time. Thank you!
Norja Vanderelst, Cochrane, AB