Almost every culture has some form of tradition regarding clearing a house or home of negative energy.

The energy (atmosphere) in churches, temples and cathedrals around the world is constantly cleansed and blessed with incense, bells, candles, sound, salt, prayer and more. The result is a sacred place that feels safe, peaceful and deeply nurturing.

I use those ancient rituals to clean the energy (atmosphere) in Private Living spaces, workplaces, furniture, cars, toys, items and more.

Clearings are a fabulous way to remove negative and stale energy that may be living from past illness, arguments or upset.

It is all about clearing out the old and making way/room for the new.

Where Intention goes, Energy flows.

You may want to rid the negative stagnant energy that may have been part of the lives of people who have lived or worked there previously.

However, there are other times when a House/workplace clearing is called for, times when a major purification, a clearing and healing ceremony is needed in places or used cars. This type of spiritual clearing ritual is performed to acknowledge that any cycle has ended and to announce a new beginning – a start point in your energetic vibration and spiritual connection to the world.

Your home is your castle so it is very helpful to clear and keep the energy positive and vibrant. Where you spend your time varies. Most weekdays you may spend more time at work then in your home, or you might own your own business. To keep the flow and growth of your life and business in balance, a clearing is often of benefit.

Here are some examples when a energy shift may occur and a cleansing should be done.

  • Move to a new home (buy or rent) after all is unpack
  • A new member moves into the home
  • Following the completion of a major home renovation
  • Following after a Feng Shui consultant and any changes suggested
  • After divorce or separation
  • At times of major life changes (birth or death), career change, retirement, diagnoses of chronic illness, etc.
  • Natural disaster

Best is to clear your clutter first for better results.

Our modern society could do more ceremony. Any event is deserving of a ceremony. Rites and passages are meaningful times in our lives and they deserve being honored and celebrated. The benefit of a ceremony is an open statement of gratitude towards life.