Intuitive (psychic) readings are intended to be used to help resolve problems in the now, their intent is not to be used for fortune telling.

I have been sensing intuitively since childhood and I also use the assistance of my guides and Angels to aid my gift. I have also studied Metaphysics which has helped develop my gift to a higher level. Also, my background and experience in counselling and training students has been a wonderful asset. I like to use my gift as a healing tool, as well as using a wide variety of Oracle Cards.

Oracle Cards can be used to activate the Language of Symbols and Metaphors to get powerful results and guidance.

I will help you to go deep within your soul and help to find and focus on your hearts desire.

I studied Oracle Card Reading with Denise Linn and have received my Soul Coaching ®Oracle Card Reader certification.  I also use other decks such as Guides- Energy Healing-Angel cards.

It is important for you to keep an open mind during a reading and be open to receive whatever messages come through.

Each reading is individual, where the reader receives and interprets energy from the client. The energy of the reader and client combined allow the reader to tap in the essence, which allows for clarification of the needs of the client.